“Lascaux Show Headed to Montreal More Repro Than Reality”


Recreated replica caves of Lascaux at Scenes from the Stone Age/photo Jean Lachat, Field Museum

My review appears in Canadian Art magazine. Here’s the lede:

In a memorable Gary Larson Far Side cartoon, a vacationing couple seems to survey and photograph an iconic mesa landscape, perhaps at the Grand Canyon. But beneath the tourists’ field of vision, someone sweeps dust out from under the “landscape,” and the mesas are revealed as fake scenery. Given what Walter Benjamin describes as the importance of “presence” to various experiences, these wayfarers would have been better off staying home and watching the Travel Channel.

The same can be said, to a degree, about “Scenes from the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux,” currently on view at Chicago’s Field Museum and travelling to Montréal’s Centre des sciences in 2014.


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