Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison talks religious art

Rick Harrison, who owns Gold & Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas — of Pawn Stars fame — corresponded with me via email about the market for certain religious art objects for a piece I wrote for the Washington Post blog On Faith.

Pawn Shop

Gold & Silver Pawn shop. Credit: Menachem Wecker

Here are some quotes:

“Religious items are very popular and come through the shop quite often,” Harrison said in a follow up interview after the visit. “Most of the pre-20th century items do well. We have had some flops.”

Asked whether the abundance of Chagall works in the shop pointed to a large clientele interested in the works or buyer’s remorse from collectors hoping to unload their Chagall collections, Harrison said there is a great deal of interest in the works of the Jewish artist, who was born in Vitebsk in 1887.

“Chagall was not only a great artist; he was a great businessman as well,” Harrison said. “He printed a lot of his works.”


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